Military Friendly® Rebrand

Better, BOLDER branding.



The annual Military Friendly® awards are announced every year to recognize organizations with the highest commitment to serving the military and veteran community.

The brand, however, was in dire need of a facelift after weathering a storm of unfounded negative press.

Below you can see some of the process I took to breathe new life into an outdated and struggling brand.


As with any branding project, I started off with lots of research, notes and sketches (above).

I then moved on to developing dozens of concepts digitally until I found one that stuck (below).


Not only is the new logo bolder and more modern looking, it also has meaning behind it.

Every shape within the logo was intentional and has a purpose.

Below you can see in more detail the external branding methodology showing how the logo represents those that we serve, as well as the internal methodology that explains how each piece of the logo represents a department of the Military Friendly® company.


Finally, below you can see the finished product compared to the original designs.

This rebrand helped Military Friendly® not only move forward and regain their credibility, but grow significantly and become the standard in their space.